Wine tours
Gyönk is part of the wine region of Tolna county, with outstanding local vintners and wines.
Tolna county is well known for its red wines, however excellent rosé and white wines are also made here.
3-4 wine cellars can be visited in Gyönk, with 5-6 different kinds of wine each. The neighbouring Kölesd village is the home to the House of Tolna Wines, respectively there is the possibility to visit our very own organic winery 25 km away, in Kéty-Ódány. ÓDÁNYI BIANCA
Wellness and health
There are several thermal baths in the region, however you should not pass up the luxurious wellness section of the Tamási thermal spa. Local health services include: dentistry. massage, chiropractor. THERMAL SPA TAMÁSI
A mansion was always more than just a large house. Beside the owners, it was also the dwelling place of culture, serving as a venue for cultural events, which attracted interested people from far and wide.

We would like to introduce a new colour into the local public life with our cultural evenings through interesting presentations by highly valued presenters.

We are planning that the mansion could always be visited as a museum, giving the possibility to anyone at any time to take a whiff of the manor's atmosphere.

Click here for further details of our programmes! MISZLA-ART PROGRAMMME
Hunting and fishing
Our region has a nation-wide reputation as an area with a significant stock of red and fallow deer, and wild boar.

The hunting organisations of Gyönk and the neighbouring regions always welcome visiting hunters.

There is also good news for the lovers of fishing: practically every settlement in the region has its own fishing pond.
Excursions, game spotting
The forests of the region offer opportunities not only for hunting, but also for game spotting, and the area of the Pacsmag lakes a few kilometres away is a rich bird sanctuary.

And for those who would like to recover from the weariness of everyday life with an easy walk, the surrounding villages offer an excellent terrain.
Pig slaughter, cattle slaughter
Upon request we can organise a mangalitsa (= a special type of Hungarian breed) pig or cattle slaughter in the mansion courtyard or at our animal husbandman partner.